Bicycles of The Bicycle Tourist

A picture of a Bruce Gordon, custom-made bicycle.


Designed for serious loaded touring, with tubing and frame geometry that ensures a stable ride. Versatile - 700c geometry will accept standard road tires, as well as up to 700x45c off-road capable tires. Can be ordered with either drop bars or flat. Or you can order it with both kinds of bars with our optional QS2s (Quick Switch System). Equipped with braze-ons for our 4130 tubular steel racks, 3 water bottle mounts, fender mounts,and cable stops for brakes and gears.

A picture of a Co-Motion Speedster tandem bicycle.


Take an extended tour, enter a tandem rally, or just enjoy your favorite stretch of pavement. The Speedster is well appointed to handle it all beautifully. Built upon the idea that as experienced cyclists, you can climb off your road bike and immediately feel like you belong on a Co-Motion Speedster. The definition of the complete tandem. Frame construction is Co-motion design Reynolds 631 air-hardened steel zonally-butted tandem tubing.

A picture of a Surly Steamroller fixed-gear bicycle.


This bike is a custom built fixed (fixie) gear bicycle, built on the great design of the Surley Steamroller. This bike has such great geometry, that you don't even realize you have no extra gears and you are pedalling all the time! Surly is a fairly new frame building company, who for thier first several years of existence, all they could do was send out trucks for roadside repair service.

A picture of a Colnago Master road bicycle.


The Colnago Master X Lite is a fine example of Italian quality and performance. This steel-framed bicycle fits nicely into my fleet of steel bikes. This bike is a nice road bike with full Campagnolo Record componets and Mavic Open Pro wheels. Even though this bike was made in 2004, it is still in remarkably fine condition and is a joy to ride. Colnago uses a black symbol similar to the ♣ ("Clubs") symbol used on playing cards