About The Bicycle Tourist

Bicycling has become a passion for me. My wife, Kathy Jo, and I discovered cycling in 2002 after receiving our income tax return. We both bought bicycles, of the hybrid type, and began our journey to where we are today. Over the years and along the way, we have discovered many new friends and new adventures. Through both experience and trial and error, we have both fine tuned our riding styles.

Kathy Jo has fallen in love with recumbent riding and I have fallen in love with steel-framed touring bicycles. In addition, we gambled big and bought our first tandem bicycle, a Co-Motion Speedster in 2005. After much reading and studying on the Internet, I found a slightly used tandem for sale in New Jersey -- slightly used as in less than 500 miles on a 2002 model. The deal was made and the tandem shipped. My local bike shop assembled the tandem and the fun began!The tandem, while a little nerve-racking for the first few miles, has proven to be such an enjoyment for both of us. It allows our different riding styles to mesh. It has brought us closer in our riding experience. The tandem bicycle is a more efficient machine -- it just goes faster. It requires teamwork, so two riders can enjoy working together with a closeness unmatched by any other sport. Before riding a tandem bicycle, I would highly recommend reading a book written by John Schubert, The Tandem Scoop - An Insider’s Guide to Tandem Cycling. It is an excellent source of information to help you get started in the world of tandem cycling.

Four bicycle riders on a dirt road. A group of bicycle riders on a bridge.

Our cycling has taken us to several states for organized week-long rides. Our first ride was the KATY Trail ride in Missouri, in 2003. It was a test of our endurance, but in reality the ride only increased our love for cycling as a way to see and experience the world around us. We have also traveled to Ohio, on multiple occasions, to participate in GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure) which is a organized family ride, limited to 3,000 participants. Our riding has also taken us around Illinois for both organized and informal riding.