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Bicycle touring is a passion of mine, even though I can’t say that I have done a significant amount of long-distance touring. These days, I do my serious riding on a custom made, Bruce Gordon, Rock-n-Road touring bicycle. I previously owned a Trek 520 touring bicycle, but it in no way compares to the fit and ride of my current bicycle. Bruce Gordon's knowledge and skill are melded together for a bicycle design and build that is second to none! I have participated in many week-long "touring" rides that are similar to long distance touring, but only on a much smaller scale. I'm looking forward to the day when my ride across the country will take place.

A single bicycle rider on a bridge. A single bicycle rider on a bicycle trail.

Touring is a passion and dream of mine because of the endless possibilities to see and experience this great country.

Bicycle touring refers to using a bicycle to travel long distances carrying whatever gear you believe you need in the process.

A bicycle tourist by the name of Moni Neville shares this explanation of what touring is to her. Her story, posted on Crazy Guy On A Bike is an incredible story of determination and drive -- bringing her once failed cross-country trip to reality. In 2004, Moni completed crossing the United States from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean by bicycle. Here's what she had to say....

"Touring is about discovering areas while riding my bike either alone or with others. It is seeing a great sunset, sunrise, view or whatever, while out on a sometimes lonely road and marveling about it. Taking the time, to get off the bike, and just look and explore. Talking to strangers, either on the side of the road, at a roadside stand, while visiting a library or in a grocery store. Letting them know, how much you enjoy the time you spend in their area, and realizing how pleased those folks are to find out someone likes it where they live! Touring is about letting go of fears and possessions. Really there is nothing to fear while out riding. There is a nice side in everyone, sometimes it is just hard to find.
Possessions, well, all one really needs while touring is what one has on ones bike. Really. All the stuff you have at home is overflow. And, in reality, if someone was to take something off your bike, they might need it more then you.
So far I have never missed anything off my bike when I left it parked outside for any length of time. Usually I watch it but not always. Lots of times, I find people, even kids looking my rig over when I return. Nice reason to chat with them and enlighten them about bicycle touring. Touring is also about spending lots of time with my daughter. We tour often together and realize just how much we depend on each other during our trips.
Lots of times we finish each others sentences and we share laughs, clothes and shelter.
Life is easy on the road! One gets to ride ones bike every day except the days we take as rest days. Even then we get to spend time with our bike cleaning and lubing and such.
That is mostly what touring is about for me!”

Bicycle touring, like any other sport must be a passion, something that a person craves. Well, that describes me. Thanks for sharing my passion with you.